Monday, December 27, 2010

Prizes to be given away at the HL Valentine class

yes thats right.  I will be giving away a few handmade Valentine gifts at both classes on Feb 8th.   Here is a sample of one of them.    Its a little purse filled with candy treats.    I will give one away in each of the 2 classes that day.    Will YOU win one of them?

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Hey there everyone 
Hope your holidays are everything you wished for and more.  I promised you the samples for my first class at the brand new Hobby Lobby Store in Ashwaubenon Tuesday Feb 8th would be posted Monday Dec 27th, 2010.   Well surprise surprise I am going to post them a day early.    The 5 cards will be Valentines cards, appropriate for kids and adults alike.   Please leave a comment or email me and let me know what you think of them.   The first pic shows a collage of the 5 cards together.

and here they are individually so you can get a closer look.   Clicking on a card will bring up a larger view of it.    These cards will be on display at the new HL store when they open January 24th, 2011.   

Monday, December 13, 2010


Starting the first of the year, I am going to be making some major changes in the way I do stamping classes.    I will be teaching CARD MAKING classes at the new Ashwaubenon Hobby Lobby Store every other Tuesday starting February 8th.    I will not be holding any more card buffets here at my home.     I will be sending out a monthly newsletter on the first of each month, letting you know when the classes are and what the theme is for that class.    I will also send out a reminder a few days before a class. 
If you wish to be placed on my mailing list, just email me at   
I will have samples displayed here as well as IN THE STORE 2 weeks in advance of each class.   
Classes will be offered every other Tuesday with a morning class at 10 AM and an evening session at 6 PM.  You will be able to sign up for classes either by calling me on my cell phone or by emailing me at and be sure to specify which session you will be attending as seating is limited.  IF you sign up for a morning class and can’t attend, but would like to attend the evening session, just call me and let me know.   If it is impossible for you to make either session but you would like a set of the finished cards,  I will make your cards for you for an additional $3 to cover adhesive and my time.   
Each class will consist of 5 cards and will include envelopes.   Cost per class is $10.   You can either send check,  drop one off at my home or pay at the time of the class.    If there are a lot of no shows, then I will be forced to require payment in advance of a class.    Hopefully that will not be an issue.
I will be sending out the Monthly newsletter the 1st of each month,  with class reminders a few days before each class.  To sign up for those notices, just email me at  BARB
Now I am sure some of you are wondering why the changes.   There are several.   One reason is that I am very limited as to how many students I can handle in a class due to the small size of my family room.    Another limitation is the fact that students have to do a flight of stairs and that is a serious problem for many of you and its getting to be a challenge for me too.   Holding classes at the new HL eliminates that problem. 
Another reason is that by not having the family room in use every other week I can now start using it for what it was intended.  I will even be able to use my treadmill while watching my favorite programs. 
And of course, with my samples every class on display in HL, many more stampers will be exposed to my cards and that should make for more students for me.
So all in all, I see it as a win win situation for all.   And I hope you will agree and join me for some fun classes doing what we all love to do.  MAKE CARDS and RUBBERSTAMP!
BY THE WAY  look for the samples from the February 8th class, called  "A Whole Lotta Love" 
 to be posted RIGHT here on Dec 27th, 2010.