Sunday, March 27, 2011


Hey all

I am going to be doing an EASTER MAKE AND TAKE DAY on Saturday April 16th in the Hobby Lobby Ashwaubenon classroom.   The morning session is from 10 AM to noon.  The afternoon session will be from 1 PM to 3 PM.    There will be 4 projects to choose from.   Make one  make them all   the choice is yours.   These make great gifts for teachers, school crossing guards, school bus drivers, mailmen,  hairdressers, Grandmas, Aunties, friends or anyone else you would like to remember with a little something special on
1.  The nugget box, includes the tin as well as the candy, and everything else needed to make it and is just $4.   The tin holds one dozen nuggets covered with fun Easter designer paper.  

2.  The chocolate bunny in the basket is $2.50 and includes the chocolate bunny too.

 3.  The little jelly bean bunny is just $1.

4.  And last but not least is the Easter Bunny Jar, which could be filled with lots of different goodies depending on who is going to be receiving it.  The jar is glass, and the cost of this project is $2.75.    I didn't include candy in this project.    There is a bunny tail on the back of the jar made of a cotton ball chalked pink.    Isn't she just the cutest little thing?    I have shown one with jelly beans in it just for display purposed .  Your jar will not include candy.

No registration is necessary.   CHILDREN ARE WELCOME as long as they are supervised by a parent or other responsible adult.    EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED.   Just bring your smiling faces.    CASH ONLY PLEASE.   You may make as many as you wish of any design.   There is no llimit.    The projects are fairly simple and can be finished in a short time.  
And now---------------here are the samples of what will be offered.  
Jelly Bean Bunny   $1  each
Chocolate Bunny Basket   $2.50 each
Easter Hersheys Nugget Tin $4.00 each
your jar will not have jelly beans in it.   It will be empty like this one.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Here is the 6th card I told you about in my last post

It will NOT be included in your cards UNLESS you email me and say yes Barb, please add that kit to my packet.  The card features the black magic technique and is really simple.    Mostly layering to achieve the look.    Hope you like it. 

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Well I teased you with the first of the 5 cards the other day.  Are you ready to see them all?    Before I show you, I want you all to know that Hobby Lobby has changed the location of the class sample boards which used to be right at the front door.  They have now installed a cart corral there and moved all the sample boards way to the back by the restrooms.  Yeah I know  poor place for them.  How many people will go back there loooking for them?    ICK.   I WILL go to see Jarrod on Monday and see if we can find a better place for them.  But for the time being, it is what it is.  
The NEW sample board for the April 5th classes is on display there.   The theme is Easter and I think you will like the cards I am offering.   I wanted to do a beautiful daffodil card in addtion to these cards, but the stamp I ordered didn't get here yet.  I MIGHT just offer that card too, and if you decide you want to make it,  it will be an extra $2 for it.    As soon as the stamp arrives, I will make the card and send a pic out to my email list as well as posting it here.  If it is one you would like to make on the 5th you can let me know ahead of that date and I will have one prepped for you.
Here are pics of the other 5.    By the way,  I love it when you leave me comments on the cards.   So please do so and make my day.   Leave a little love---------or constructive criticism.
This card is actually pink with a "kraft" layer on which the images are stamped.  Color seemed to fade on the picture.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My first Easter Card for the April 5th class

Hey guys.   Normally I wait til I have all the samples for a class finished before posting them but I just finished this one and I HAD to share it with you right away.   I had sooooooooo much fun creating this card.    The stamps are both from DRS designs.    I punched a hole in this little bunnys belly and put a bag of Jelly Bellys behind the image.   Isn't he just too cute?  

And if you think so-------check out the NEXT picture.   It's the inside of the card.   As soon as I saw this cute little poem I KNEW what I was going to do with it.  And YOU can do it too.   Just let me know you want to attend that class on the 5th of April.    

Saturday, March 5, 2011

CARD SAMPLES FOR March 22nd Class at Hobby Lobby

Here are the 5 SPRING IS SPRUNG cards we will be making on the 22nd of March.   These cards can pretty much be used for any spring birthday, get well, & thinking of you occasion.   The one with the bunnies on it can be made in either color, pale turquiuse or yellow.  Unfortunately I don't have enough of either color to have everyone make the same one, so you will have to decide when you register for class which color you want to make your bunny card with.  The cards are identical except for the base card, one is yellow plaid, the other turquoise plaid.   So be sure to tell me what color you would like when you sign up for class or you will get whatever I have left when I assemble the packets.   It will be first come first served on the color choice.
Ok now that I have that all out of the way, here are the cards.

This card is a case from Valitasfreshfolds blog.   It is just so bright and springy I HAD to include it in this class.
ok you know the drill.  If you wish to attend this class, email me at or call me at 920 366-8915 to reserve your spot in class.     March 22nd    morning class is at 10 AM   Evening class is at 5:30 PM   Be sure to specify which class you want and what color bunny card you wish to make.