Tuesday, April 19, 2011

CARD SAMPLES FOR May 3rd Class at Hobby Lobby

Hi everyone
Today is Tues, Apr 19th and its also card class day at HL.   Great   and what is the weather man forecasting for this afternoon and evening?     snow     yeah thats right    the white fluffy crud.   5-10 inches of it!    What is mothers natures problem.   What part of ENOUGH doesn't she understand???????
Well anyway here is a preview of the cards we will be doing for May 3rds class where the theme is MAY CELEBRATIONS.   Mothers Day and Graduation cards.
The Mothers Day cards could be used for other occasions too if you don't have a Mom  to send a card to. Although all of us have a favorite aunt, elderly neightbor or a friend whom we would like to honor on Mothers Day. 
and now  here are the Mothers Day card samples-----

and the graduation cards-----------

If you wish to attend this class on May 3rd at either 10 Am or 5:30 PM, email or call me.   Class fee is $10 and includes everything to make the cards except tape and scissors.  You supply those.   Envelopes are included for each card.  


  1. Love your cards. The family and friends I give them to also love them a lot. Look forward to a class again soon. keep up the great work. Thank you for all of your hard work.

  2. wow, pity you live so far away I go to classes out here for $13.50 and we do 2 cards. you are very generous. I also love your work.