Monday, October 17, 2011

Here are the card samples for my next class at HL. Oct 25th

OMG  I am so much enjoying stamping again !   That was a LONG 4 and a half weeks.   I still have to limit how much and what I use my wrist for as I don't have full range of motion in it yet, so it HURTS like H*LL if I push it too far.    But I am careful not to do that. LOL
So I bet you are wondering WHY I am offering classes two weeks in a row, right?   well--------------to be honest I am preparing you for what is coming NEXT month.  I have so much planned for classes and I don't know for sure HOW MANY will fly, that depends on how many sign up for them.   I won't do a class with less than 3 stampers.   I will post a schedule for the NOVEMBER classes here sometime later this week or perhaps next week sometime so you will know what to expect.
Now here are the card samples for the class to be held Tues Oct 25th.   Morning session at 9:30 AM and evening session at 5:30.   I am going to limit signups to 36 hours before a class just because there are so many classes and lots of prep work for many of them so I need time to get all the paper cut etc.
Ok how here are the samples for Oct 25th.
I won't be showing them  individually anymore as I have to take a pic of all the samples each class and put them on a 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper with information about the class, and those will be available for handouts at HL.   They don't want anymore sample boards.   Don't ask me-----I just teach there.   It isn't the way I would do it but I don't dictate HL policies.
You can click on the picture for a larger view.

This weeks Christmas card.    The stamps are from Heartfelt Creations.   The pointsetta is 2 layers, to add dimension.  

This is the inside of this weeks Christmas card.   The pointsetta here is a sticker
If you wish to attend this class and make these cards, call me or email me before Sunday night.   Class fee is $10 for the 5 all occasion cards, the Christmas card is an extra $2 and all cards include an envelope.

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  1. Too cool, wish I could make it I work in the morning and have school at night this night.