Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Here we go again.

another LONG lull in my posting.  Again I am so sorry,(haven't we heard that line before?   I guess if i explain what has been happening in my life the last few months it MIGHT explain part of the reason I haven't been faithful in posting ( and then again maybe not.) sigh
The past few months have been extremely busy.  Between camping, teaching classes, taking care of the garden and flower beds, and taking care of my elderly mom, I barely have time for much else lately.   No promises this time to do better where the posting is concerned,  I will just try to do better from here on out.
I am teaching classes next week at Hobby Lobby.   Class dates are Monday night Sept 8th at 5:15 PM   and again on Tuesday morning Sept 9th at 9:30 and evening at 5:15 PM.   The theme this class is one sheet wonder.  Each person will receive a 7x7 piece of designer paper which they will cut in to several smaller pieces to create these 5 cards.   You can click on each card picture to see a close up view of it.    The cost for this class is $10 and each card includes an envelope.

In addition to the 5 cards, I will be offering an OPTIONAL Christmas card each class for $2.    If you wish to make it you will need to let me know that by this coming weekend.     Here is the card we will be making----------
For more information on attending my classes, see the column to the right.    Hope to see you at class next week.  

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  1. Barbra, I have definitely missed your posts, but I also know how difficult it is to take care of an elderly parent and perform other duties as well. It's a wonder you find time to even teach classes....and I so wish I could come....but live just a TAD too far. Just keep on keeping on.....and know that everyone loves you!!!