Thursday, December 1, 2011

Holiday Inspiration Project for Thursday December 1st

I received an order from Darlene at Dutch Paper Crafts yesterday and Buddy (I presume its her husband) snet a little "extra" goodie.   It was a sheet of images that were perforated so you could pop them out of the sheet.    I wish I could remember what the name of this technique is called.   YOu have a basic image and then you add additional layers of certain items of the image using thin foam to give lots of dimension to the finished image.   Here is what I created using the sheet of adorable critters I was given.   Someone asked me how long it took to make, because it looks labor intensive.  It took me less than an hour to create this.  I WAS going to send it out to someone for Christmas but I can't bear to part with it so it is on display in my living room. LOL   and here   is the card
I keep forgetting to tell you, and maybe you already know this, but you can see a larger view of my pictures just by clicking on the image.   See you tomorrow with yet another holiday project.

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