Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter to you all

Here we are on the LAST day of March.   Its a gloomy day here in Wisconsin,  but it IS 40 degrees.    HEAT WAVE.   Got a call from my little sister who lives in Bellevue Washington and she said the temp there yesterday was 72 degrees.  Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
and to top it all off, her son cut the lawn yesterday for the first time.    Gonna be quite a while before WE cut grass here I think.   lots of snow on the ground yet although it is melting slowly.

I wanted to post today to share the Easter Eggs I did for my grandkids yesterday.    I baked the eggs in the oven instead of boiling them, and for sure I will NEVER boil an egg again.   They peel so much easier,  have no icky green around the yolks and the taste and texture is soooooo much better than boiled eggs.  And its easy too.   I just placed 2 dozen eggs in 2  12 cup muffin tins and placed them in a 325 degree oven for 30 minutes.   When the timer went off, I plunged the eggs into a sinkful of ice cubes and cold water.  
After they cooled I colored them using my Wilton Icing Gel colors.   Turned out awesome.  Loved the colors.   No more easter egg coloring kits for me!
Then I did something I have never done before.  I decoupaged pictures onto the eggs.   I had some tissue wrapping paper here someone gave me a gift in years ago.   I had saved it.  You know the drill------don't know WHAT to do with it, but its too pretty to throw away!   So I cut some of the watercolored pansies, and butterflies out of the paper.   Covered the back with some Modge Podge (yes it IS safe to use for this,   I checked!)   and applied to the egg.   Smoothed out as best I could then covered the paper with a thin coat of MP again.   When completely dry, I used a tiny bit of canola oil to "polish" the eggs.    I didn't want to give my 12 yo grandson a "flower or butterfly" egg so I stamped an  image from the Angel Company onto tissue paper,  colored with watercolor pencils and blended with a blender pen.   Then applied it to the egg the same way I did the flowers and butterflies.  Although it sounds terribly putsy, it really wasn't.   The thing that took the longest was cutting the images from the gift wrap.  
And now here is the final product.
Happy Easter everyone!

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  1. Your eggs came out so cute! Still love the pansies!!