Monday, December 9, 2013

7 weeks of Christmas Days 34,35 and 36

Hi there.  Still playing catchup with the 7 weeks of Christmas.   Today I will share more pictures of the items I had for display at that holiday open house in Nov of 2010.
This first picture is a pretty little box I made, sectioned off so there were 4 compartments.    Inside each compartment were git tags I created using Stampin Up stamps.   Made a nice little gift for a friend.

and this is a mug I made from the Sizzix pillow box die.   I filled it with cocoa, hersheys kisses, mini marshmallows and a candy cane.   Another sweet gift for a teacher, hairdresser, or anyone you wish to give a "little something" to.
Here is another fun little item to make for a little gift.   I punched out 6 white circles, and 6 scalloped navy blue circles.   Stamp them with snowflakes and mounted the white circles to the navy ones.    I created a snowman face on 2 of the white circles.   Then I sandwiched a York peppermint patty between the 2 face pieces, and did the same with the other circles.    Then I just placed them in a narrow cellophane bag so that it looked like a snowman.    Tied it off at the top with a little piece of ribbon.
Well I hope you enjoyed my shares for today.   Tomorrow I will be showing more 3 items I made for the 2010 open house.    And that should catch me up with the postings to day.  See you tomorrow.   :)

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