Sunday, December 8, 2013

7 weeks of Christmas day 31, 32 and 33

OMG  I have reallly gotten behind haven't I.   Well I will try to catch up over the next couple days.  It has been very hectic as I am sure you can all relate to.   This time of year is just crazy. WHY oh why do we pile so much on  ourselves at holiday time?
Anyway I will include 3 days posts today.
The first picture I am sharing is of a card buffet I offered in my home in 2010.   We did 5 cards that night.   The stocking is actually a gift card holder.  
for the 2nd share of this post,  I am showing a picture of a free make and take I offered in a holiday open house in Nov of 2010.   Everyone was treated to homemade cookies and hot cocoa.    I had tons on samples out for them to view as you will see in the next picture.   It was a fun day for all of us.
The last picture for this post is one of some of the samples I had made for this open house.   I am HOPING to have another open house NEXT Nov, 2014 as I enjoyed doing the one in 2010 so much.  
Click on any of the pictures for a close up view.    Until tomorrow when I will do days 34, 35,  36.
have a great Sunday,   GO PACK GO!

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