Sunday, November 3, 2013

7 weeks of Christmas Day 2

Good Sunday morning my friends
Well today I want to share with you a gift I gave to a friend of mine several years ago during a Secret Santa party with the stamping club sponsored by the stamp store I operated for 10 years.   I wanted to make the presentation special so here is what I did.    I purchased some items related to stamping that I knew she could use, and wrapped each one in pretty gift wrap.  THen I stuffed them all in this--------
This is a paint pail.    I wrapped it with red cardstock, then added piece of a white boa to the top and botton.  Added a black belt and a gold buckle both cut from cardstock and decorated the top of the can to coordinate.    I was so proud of it.  And she loved it.   Here is a picture of all the little prezzie that went into the can.  
We all watched her as she opened each little gift.   What a fun night it was.

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