Sunday, November 3, 2013

Cards for Cardmaking Class Tues Nov 5th 2013

The next few classes will be strickly Christmas cards since the holiday season is quickly approaching.  Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?    I have started but I have A LONG way to go before I am finished.    I am so blessed because this year we have a new grand daughter in our family to buy for.    My oldest son and his wife adopted a little girl, 11 years old.    SO now the Byrnes family has 2 grand daughters.    How special is that.
Ok  enough babbling.  Back to the subject at hand--------Christmas cards from Tuesdays class at Hobby Lobby Ashwaubenon. and here they are------------

and this is the optional 3d project we will be doing this week.   a little pillow box decorated like old St Nick belly.    Cute huh?

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