Monday, November 4, 2013

7 weeks of Christmas Day 3

Good Monday morning to you all.  Hope you had an enjoyable weekend.  We did, as we had our 2 grand daughters overnight and it was such a fun weekend.   Grand kids really DO make you feel young again.   :)
Now onto my share for today in the 7 weeks of Christmas.  
I decided to share a picture of my little Yorkie Gracie, taken for her first Christmas, as it was one of my favorite memories of Christms.    She was only a few months old and we had only had her with us about a month.  So tiny, and sweet.   Here she is with Santa.
and here she is today, 4 years later.    Doesn't look like the same dog does she?   Still small, and sweet though.

well thats my share for today.     Tomorrow I'll be back with another day of 7 weeks of Christmas. 

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