Saturday, November 30, 2013

7 weeks of Christmas day 24

Today I am sharing a picture of our living room Christmas tree.  Jack puts it up every year and then puts on the lights.   This year he decided we needed more lights, or off we went to Menards for 2 more sets.   I DO like it better with the extra lights though.
After he gets the lights on, I take over and place the spiraling ribbons, and ornaments.  Then the big bow at the top.   After thats finished he spends a couple days rearranging  and adding more ornaments.  
Well here are the pictures.   I love this tree, especially at night.  It glows the most beautiful shade of blue.  People slow down as they are driving by to look at it.   Kewl!
Here's the tree master setting up the tree-------    Notice Buddy is supervising.  LOL
and here it is all decked out with blue lights, ribbons, and all blue baubles.  I LOVE this tree and will have a hard time taking it down again come the middle of January.  

That's it for today.    Be back with more on Day 25.

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